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What Is The Role Of DevOps & Agile In Software Development?

DevOps is the latest technique in the enterprises software development process that combines lean and agile software delivery processes to achieve continuous software delivery. Enterprises that successfully deploy DevOps as a part of their software development strategy will get to deliver high quality software on frequent intervals. DevOps strategies have become crucial as enterprises need to stay competitive to survive in the market and there are many limitations of using traditional software development strategies which can be overcome through DevOps. Become an expert in DevOps by mastering the core technical skills with our DevOps Training In Hyderabad program.

DevOps & Agile In Software Development:

Firstly, both Agile & DevOps aim at improving software quality by eliminating “non-value added” steps that may slow down or hinder the software release process. The goal of these techniques is to ensure that the end product meets a customer’s expectations. Both DevOps & Agile processes will be playing a crucial role in the enterprises software/application development process. They are not strictly IT-centric approaches and can benefit from a mix of IT and business expertise.

Second, both Agile and DevOps encourage and support collaboration among team members. Teams work together to identify problems and to design solutions. They communicate their ideas and concerns to one another and to others who work on the project. In addition, they collaborate on documentation and test results. This helps ensure that changes are properly tested and that the software is reliable.

Third, the goals of both Agile and DevOps vary. Agile projects focus on short-term goals that allow for quick implementation. DevOps, on the other hand, is more long-term in nature, and its main goal is to improve software and how the company deploys it. The main goal of DevOps is to improve the overall system performance and make the development processes become as efficient as possible.

Before the advent of Agile & DevOps, the relation between the cross functional teams are mostly soiled. They tend to focus on the details of their individual jobs instead of the whole project. For example, in a software project, some developers may be focused on adding features to the software while other team members focus on improving functionality. Inside a DevOps & agile software development process, the relation between the cross functional teams are no longer soiled. They will be working in collaboration towards achieving common goals through shared responsibilities.

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