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What Exactly Is The Role of Data Science in Artificial Intelligence

The field of analytics is gaining widespread popularity and as a result the demand for data analytical technologies like Data Science and Artificial Intelligence has become more predominant in the industries across the verticals. With data having become the new oil that can fuel the business development process, most of the CEOs & CTOs of companies have started relying on Data Science to explore the benefits of Big Data and help their business scale and grow.

Nowadays, before launching a new product or service, enterprises are analyzing the market trends, demand, etc using Data Science. Not just Data Science, companies are also investing heavily in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to help their businesses grow at scale. You can know how exactly Data Science empowers any business with our Data Science Training in Hyderabad program.

How Data Science Is Used In AI Technologies?

  • IBM Watson

IBM Watson is an advanced application that is powered by Artificial Intelligence technology. IBM Watson is proving to be very efficient in helping physicians to precisely analyze the insights from patient’s medical record. This information will help him in exploring the relevant treatment options. IBM Watson is very much capable of making analyzing patient’s medical records & supports Physicians with personalized recommendations that give them access to a wealth of information.

  • Blueberry

This is a very smart system powered by Artificial Intelligence that is capable of improving comic dialogues all by itself. For this, the system needs to be fed with subtitles from hundreds of thousands of movies. To depict the practical use of this system, Kory Mathewson developed an algorithm that is capable to riff with him onstage. This system works on the principle of reward and punishment. So the system would be rewarded whenever it generates dialogue that completely makes sense.

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