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What Exactly AWS Lambda Is & How Users Are Charged For This Service?

Amazon Web Services is the most secured cloud platform & has several millions of customer base around the world. Majority of the enterprises & cloud users around the world are very much comfortable in migrating their data to the cloud by AWS due to its highly secured cloud solutions that are offered at an affordable price. AWS cloud services are big boon for start-up enterprises as they no longer need to pay for infrastructure set up & maintenance.  

Also, developing applications is no longer a time consuming task as AWS lets developers to deploy their changes in the code directly over the cloud. AWS offers cloud solutions to a wide range of enterprises requirement like compute, storage, database, analytics, application development, and hosting.

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 Now, in this post, let’s understand what exactly AWS Lambda is & how users are charged for it.

AWS Lambda:

Managing servers to run the code is really an expensive process & it also consumes a lot of time in setting up the servers. AWS has come up with the best solution for this problem. Using AWS Lambda users can run their code directly on virtual servers thus eliminating the need to manage servers. Lambda lets users to run their code for virtually any type of application or backend service & they doesn’t need to worry about server maintenance as everything gets done through virtual servers.

This feature charges user based on the compute time they consume & the best part about this service is that users are not charged for the time where their code is not running.

AWS Lambda Pricing-

Users who have subscribes to AWS Lambda will be charged for the number of requests for each function & the time consumed during the code execution.

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