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What Are The Key Components In DevOps Software Development Process?

“DevOps” is an advanced software development practice that makes use of both software engineering and IT operations management to achieve continuous delivery. The prime focus of DevOps is set towards shorting the software development lifecycle process and offer continuous delivery with higher quality software.

Most of the processes in DevOps are closely related to Agile processes and automated testing, continuous monitoring, system migration, agile methodologies, and Continuous Delivery are the key aspects of DevOps. Enterprises that successfully deploy DevOps strategies can deliver better quality, improved productivity, quicker delivery at a reduced cost. Continuous Improvement achieving which is close to impossible with traditional waterfall software development process has now become with DevOps process. As many enterprises are working towards deploying DevOps as a part of their software development process, the demand for skilled experts in this domain is currently on the surge.

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Key Components In DevOps:

Automated Testing:

Automated testing is a crucial process in DevOps. DevOps Automated testing in a centralized environment, is a great idea. One major drawback with manual testing process is that it consumes a lot of time, and this is where automated testing becomes crucial. Automated testing is a continuous process in DevOps and it allows multiple tests to be conducted in parallel.

Continuous Delivery:

Continuous Delivery is one of the key outcomes of DevOps. DevOps achieves continuous delivery through numerous processes which ensures that the software is always being developed by adding latest features and improvements through frequent updates.

Continuous Improvement:

Continuous improvement is also one of the crucial strategies involving DevOps. Even in the Agile process Continuous improvement is a fundamental principle. Continuous improvement isn’t something that can be achieved within a short time interval. It takes continuous efforts from the individual teams and also requires resource up-gradation. 

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