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Trending Data Science Job Roles in 2021

Data Science is one among the most trending job-roles in the current age of Big Data. Its prominence is growing ever since the outbreak of Big Data revolution & has now become a lucrative career option. Hiring skilled Data Science professionals has become a major necessity for enterprises across the industry verticals. Data Scientists can help enterprises to explore the benefits of their Big Data reserves and empowers stakeholders to make strategically accurate business decisions. 

Data Science has the best set of tools & algorithms that best help in accurately organizing & analyzing the data no matter how enormous it is.  Data Scientists are the experts who are well capable of handling all the core applications & analytics strategies involved in Data Science. Programming, Machine Learning, AI, Predictive Analytics and Deep Learning are the primary skills that are essential to get successful in career as a Data Scientist. If you are interested in becoming a Data Scientist then having knowledge of these skills is a must. You can become a specialist Data Scientist with our Data Science Training in Hyderabad program.

Trending Data Science Job Roles in 2021

  • Data Engineer

Data Engineers are skilled experts in Data Science who are responsible for streaming of data and its results. They’re responsible for making technical decisions about data frameworks and environments. There are also responsible in translating Data Science into delivering business value.

  • AI Product Manager

With the growing prominence for AI-driven products and software solutions, many companies have started investing in AI. AI Product Mangers are very crucial when it comes to keeping the AI production environment in an enterprise to run smoothly in accordance with the companies values and policies.

  • AI Architect

AI architects have pure technical and theoretical knowledge about data science. They can really understand the practical implementation of the initiative. They can take up the issues in a business perspective.

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