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The Epic Rise In The Demand For Cloud Services Offered By AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud platform from Inc. has become one of the most popular cloud service providers in the world. With its fully functional, scalable and cost efficient cloud services, many organizations are opting Amazon Web Services Cloud as their primary cloud service provider.

AWS protects the critical infrastructure that runs all services in the AWS Cloud, including the hardware, software and network facilities that run the services. This means that AWS cloud service provider customers have access to encrypted data from all their data centers. AWS customers can monitor resource and application status and can use AWSCloudTrail to monitor and retain user activity and API calls for audits. Build technical expertise in the prominent cloud based solutions offered by AWS with our intense AWS Training in Hyderabad program.

Demand For AWS:

At the core of AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform offer their own cloud services, but again AWS’s advantage is to provide you with access to a wide range of services such as cloud storage, data center, cloud computing and cloud management

Today AWS offers a wide range of cloud services such as Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Elastic Beanstalk and Amazon S3, which power a wide range of businesses in 190 countries worldwide. The huge range of services on AWS, including an even larger number of partners, allows you to create the cloud service you need.

AWS Cloud Market Share:

AWS has been aggressively lowering prices lately, some of its competitors, including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform have had to aggressively cut prices to survive the competition offered by AWS. Currently, AWS has emerged as the largest cloud computing provider in the US and the world and is growing faster than any other cloud service provider in the market. Indeed, AWS has more cloud computing capacity than all cloud-based competitors combined, according to a recent report by the Cloud Computing Association.

Amazon dominates the market for global public cloud services with a 39% share, even surpassing Google Cloud. In the US, AWS remains at 33%, followed by Microsoft Azure at 28% and Google’s Cloud Platform at 22%. Build your career successfully in the field of AWS with Kelly Technologies AWS Course in Hyderabad program.

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