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Smart Artificial intelligence Applications That Are Making A Difference

Who doesn’t know about the growing prominence of Artificial intelligence across various industries? As Artificial Intelligence is quickly becoming an integral part of every business & IT operations, organizations are readily hiring the skilled & talented experts in AI into their workforce. This is the perfect time to master the cognitive skills in AI to get hired successfully as an AI expert by being a part of the exclusive AI Training In Hyderabad program offered by Kelly Technologies. 

In this post, let’s take a look at some of the most promising applications of Artificial Intelligence that are making a difference.

  • Siri

If you are an Apple iPhone user, then you might be having some idea about Siri in your mobile device. Siri is a popular personal assistant that is developed by the Apple enterprise. You would surely be surprised to know that the technology behind Siri is Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. By making use of Natural Language Processing technique in AI, Siri can process its users’ instructions by converting them from a human-understandable language to a machine-understandable language. It then makes use of advanced Machine Learning algorithms to come with accurate responses.

Siri is capable of giving accurate directions to our desired destinations, it can schedule our events, play songs or videos from the library & it can also perform Google search. Its performance gets better as time progresses.

  • Alexa

Who doesn’t know about Alexa, which is developed by the Amazon e-commerce company? Alexa has now become a common household appliance with smart capabilities. When Amazon first introduced Alexa into the market, it took everyone by storm.

By making use of advanced NLP technique & Machine Learning algorithms, Alexa can process human commands & give precise responses within split seconds. With Alexa, users can avail numerous benefits like make it perform a web search for relevant information, make it shop on behalf of them, get it to schedule their appointments & it is also capable of performing many complex tasks.

  • Tesla

Self-driving autonomous cars that we have seen in the science fiction movies would soon become a reality thanks to Telsa. By researching extensively on Artificial Intelligence, Telsa has taken a step forward to develop autonomous cars that don’t require human assistance. Telsa is now developing smart autonomous vehicles with features like predictive abilities, self-driving application, and sheer technological coolness.

Within the next five years, most of the enterprises around the world are going to be in dire need of skilled experts in Artificial Intelligence. Kelly Technologies, with its advanced AI training program, is now providing you an ideal opportunity to master the advanced cognitive skills in AI that will get you hired.

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