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Prominent Automation Test Tools In DevOps

Most of the software development enterprises are nowadays relying heavily on the use of DevOps strategies as a part of their software/application development process. The prime focus of DevOps is set towards shortening the enterprises software development lifecycle process, and offer continuous delivery with consistently high quality software.

DevOps and Agile processes have a lot in common like continuous integration. This approach is used to automate the process of checking for changes to the source code, and if in case any then it automatically merges the changes. In the same way that Agile software development focuses on software engineering practices, DevOps uses multiple different approaches that simplify the work of cross functioning teams involved in the software development process. One of the prime areas of focus in DevOps is the use of automation techniques, while most of the traditional software development processes rely on manual testing processes that often consumes a lot of time.

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Now, let’s look at some of the most prominent automation testing tools in DevOps.

  • Jenkins

 Jenkins is one of the most extensively used automation test tool in DevOps by small to large scale businesses. Jenkins is an open source tool that runs in EJB container. When it comes to achieving continuous delivery and continuous deployment, Jenkins would be the best tool in use.  

  • Bamboo

Bamboo is another prominent testing tool used in DevOps which comes with a 30days free trail. Both large and small scale businesses can benefit from its pricing plans. Small businesses can benefit from its cost efficient plans that charges from $10 for 10 jobs. This automation tool is very much compatible with any language. AWS CodeDeploy is one of the prominent areas where Bamboo is used.  

  • Docker

Docker is another prominent test tool where user would be paying around seven dollars for five private repositories and five parallel builds. Using Docker Hub users can deploy as much as 20000 containers every day.

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