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Myths That You Should Avoid Being a Budding Data Scientist

The field of Data Science is gaining wide spread popularity and many people are curious about building their career in the innovative and challenging job role in this field. Data Science job opportunities are increasing exponentially as many companies are relying on data driven strategies to make their business grow beyond leaps and bounds. However, despite the growing demand for Data Science job roles, many people are still confused whether they should get started with a career in Data Science or not owing to several miss leading myths concerning Data Science.

One of such commonly heard myths about a career in Data Science is that this field is only meant for geniuses and people with ordinary skills wouldn’t be able to handle the challenges in this field. The fact here is that Data Science job roles aren’t that complex as this myth projects and there are several tools that can help you in accomplishing the Data Science tasks. Similarly, here below are some of the most commonly heard myths that are associated with career transition into Data Science which you should seriously avoid. 

Knowledge of Tools is all that It Takes to Become a Data Scientist:

Everyone must be clearly aware of the fact that programming applications are very critical when it comes to mining and analyzing Big Data and so Data Scientists need to have knowledge of programming. Python and R are considered to be the most prominent programming languages for Data Science operations and so people tend to have a misconception that having knowledge in Python and R would be enough to excel in a career in Data Science. 

Along with programming skills, one need to develop skills in technical & non-technical areas concerning Data Science, and soft skills like problem solving skills & communication skills are also very crucial. Technical skills include areas like Data Mining, Data Processing, Data Modeling Visualization, & Machine Learning, etc and our Data Science Training in Hyderabad program can help you develop skills in these areas.

Data Science Jobs will Get Replaced AI Robots:

The most commonly heard misconception about Data Science is that most of the Data Science tasks can be automated and this would lead to unemployment issues. The actual fact concerning this statement is that no robot no matter how smart it is can never match the analytical & creative abilities of a Data Scientist.

Likewise there are several other myths concerning Data Science that you should avoid and work towards building a successful career in this field.

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