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Major Roadblocks to DevOps That Would Result In Failure

DevOps is a major cultural shift in the enterprises software development process. DevOps culture is being adopted by companies on a large scale and this has fueled the growing demand for skilled DevOps professionals across the IT organizations. You can develop the core technical skills in DevOps that would get you hired with our DevOps Training in Hyderabad program.

One of the major drawbacks that leads to failure in enterprises DevOps adoption process is the lack of knowledge of what they are supposed to do or how should they be deploying the best practices in DevOps. So in this blog, let’s discuss about the major roadblocks to DevOps that would result in its failure.

  • Having a DevOps Department:

As we all know that DevOps isn’t a tool or a technology and so while integrating DevOps in your software development process, you don’t need to deploy separate department for the same. But often we see organizations creating formal DevOps team and department & the same goes against the very basic principles of DevOps. As DevOps sets its focus on eliminating the soils relation between the cross functioning teams, and allocating new teams would simply lead to making the process much difficult.

  • Goals that are Unrealistic

DevOps is transformational change from the traditional software development process that works towards removing inefficiencies associated with developing and deploying software. The prime focus of DevOps is set towards making the development & IT operations teams to work in collaboration. Some organizations tend to set grandiose goals that are often unrealistic to achieve & thus making the entire effort in the DevOps project goes down the drain. So, enterprises need to set achievable goals.

  • No Real Cultural Shift towards DevOps

Lack of cultural shift towards DevOps is one of the primary reasons that results in the failure of DevOps. Since DevOps is a cultural change, lack of a cultural shift will prove to be the biggest hurdle for the organizations to reap the benefits of DevOps to their full potential.

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