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List Of Popular Services In AWS For Web Application Development

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a well renowned cloud service provider that lets users deploy and monitor web and mobile apps. With AWS, users can easily install your app in a cloud environment, or make use of its cloud based personal file storage service. You can access a wide range of services offered by AWS by executing code in AWS lambda such as Amazon S3, AWS S4 and AWS CloudFront.

AWS CloudFront, a cloud file storage service for mobile apps is considered to be a highly secured and scalable cloud based service by AWS. How do you integrate them into your integrated systems and what would the last additions to the list look like for each of them? You can know about these aspects with our advanced AWS Training in Hyderabad program.

  • AWS CloudWatch

The built-in Amazon CloudWatch includes Serverless Application Models (SAM), and it helps you explore all routes, but it also offers the corresponding EC2-related ECS, such as AWS Connect, Amazon S3 and many more. AWS also supports users with package of media – Transcoding Service, that helps in visualizing the workflow of microservices based applications.

AWS services provide FIPS endpoints in selected regions, but services like IAM are not subject to the service limits detected from the command line.

  • AWS Snowball

AWS Data Migration services known as AWS Snowball allows users to migrate data to the AWS cloud. In addition, AWS users have the option to use AWS CodeStar, an open source project management system for cloud computing. It lets you start developing your own projects with a variety of project templates, such as web applications, databases, web services and cloud services.

  • AWS EC2

Amazon EC2 is also very critical when it comes to working in conjunction with other AWS services. Amazon CloudFront is also a great tool to measure the speed of your website, and can be used to connect to other Amazon services and help developers send content to end users.

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