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List Of Essential Tools in Data Science For Beginners

Data Science being an interdisciplinary technology makes use of advanced tools, statistical & data modeling techniques, programming languages, Machine Learning & AI algorithms to accurately process Big Data to explore the hidden insights or patterns. The insights that are extracted from Big Data are now playing a crucial role in the enterprises business development process business. As we are clearly aware of the fact that every enterprise these days has huge reserves of Big Data making Data Science become the need of the hour as it helps them in exploring the benefits of Big Data to its full potential.

Data Science doesn’t simply deal with the process of analyzing & extracting insights from structured and unstructured data, but it is also capable of predicting the future with the help of advanced algorithms in Machine Learning & statistical analysis. Thus, Data Science is about the present and future. As mentioned earlier, Data Science is an amalgamation of multiple aspects like Statistics, Tools & Technologies, and so having knowledge of all these aspects would be very crucial to experience a successful career in Data Science.

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Now, let’s know about the most essential tool sets in Data Science for beginners.

Essential Tools In Data Science-

  • In-depth knowledge in R

R is one of the most widely used programming language for data analysis. It has a number of libraries and packages that support statistical analysis, data visualization & data mining operations.

  • Python Coding

Python is undoubtedly the most preferred language in programming for Data Science. The rich libraries & extensive packages in Python support the execution of numerous data analysis operations on Big Data.

  • MS Excel

Microsoft Excel is the most basic tool used when it comes to analyzing Big Data. It helps in applying formulae, equations, diagrams out of a messy lot of data.

  • Hadoop Platform

Being an open source distributed processing framework Hadoop is the best Big Data management tool.

  • SQL Database/Coding:

SQL is mostly used in the process of data preparation and data extraction.  This tool also comes handy in the application of Network Analysis, Search behaviour, fraud detection etc.

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