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List Of Diverse Job Roles Involving DevOps

The popularity of DevOps is growing immensely and many enterprises around the world are planning to embrace DevOps. By successfully deploying DevOps strategies, enterprises can benefit from enhanced software development process and greater business agility that by simply streamlining and accelerating the development, testing and operation process.

To achieve success with DevOps adoption, enterprises need to work on advanced tools like such as Puppet, Docker, Jenkins and Jenkins. DevOps tools are an efficient way for development and operations teams to get on one page and work together toward the same end goal without further finger pointing. They are a great tool for continuous integration and collaboration between development, operation and development teams. To accurately deploy and mange DevOps tools, it is very crucial for enterprises to recruit skilled and certified DevOps professionals. Develop job-centric skills in DevOps achieve success in a career as a DevOps professional with our advanced DevOps Training in Hyderabad program.

  • DevOps Evangelist

DevOps Evangelist are the expert DevOps professionals who are responsible for identifying and quantifying the benefits which a specific business can achieve by deploying DevOps. These professionals ensure collaboration between the cross functioning teams, deploying best strategies to achieve success with DevOps. These professionals need to ensure that IT teams are well trained to be capable of handling these changes.

  • DevOps Release Manager

Professionals working in this job role are also referred to as release engineer, or product stability manager. They are responsible for handling tasks like addressing the management and coordination of the product throughout the software development process. They are responsible for tasks like integration, testing, monitoring and a number of processes to achieve continuous delivery.

  • DevOps Automation Architect

Since DevOps process rely heavily on automated systems, DevOps Automation Architects are responsible for analyzing, designing, and implementing effective automation strategies for continuous deployments. Apart from this, there are many other prominent job-roles involving DevOps in which you can gain expertise with our advanced DevOps Course in Hyderabad program.

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