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Into How Many Types Data Can Be Classified?

Data having become a major part of the enterprises business development process, the use of Big Data management technologies like Data Science has become more prevalent in the industries across various sectors. Analyzing the insights from the data by the application of analytics models in Data Science, enterprises are now able to better understand the changing market trends, customers needs & detect threats more accurately than ever before.

Analyzing Big Data can also help the businesses in exploring new sources for revenue generation. This is the reason why Data is nowadays being termed as the new-oil that fuels the business development process. Build a successful career in the field of Big Data & analytics by being a part of the Kelly Technologies advanced Data Science Training In Hyderabad program. 

Now, in this post, let us know into how many types of data can be classified based on its readability level.

Defining Data-

Data is something as simple as a factual representation of any information in the form that can be understood & processed by computer systems

Based on the readability level, data can be classified into two different types namely Human-Readable Data & Machine-Readable Data.

  • Human-Readable Data

Mostly human readable datais unstructured data that can only be understood or processed by humans. The best example would be as simple as understanding the content of an image or the meaning of a block of text & more.

  • Machine-Readable Data

Machine-readable relates to mostly the structured format of data where which can only be processed by a computer program. A program comprises of a set of instructions that help in manipulating this data.

Having extensive skills in working on Big Data management & Data Analysis techniques, Data Scientists are well capable of interpreting with data of any format & size.  Become an expert Data Science professional by being a part of the Kelly Technologies advanced Data Science training program.

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