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Integration of Blockchain & AI-Ready For The New Innovation In Technology?

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Integration of different technologies to form more innovative outcomes has become a common phenomenon in this digital world of 21st century. Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence are two such technologies which have become the latest buzz words across several domains. Also everyone must be quite aware of the impact of these technologies individually in our day to day life.

Ever wondered what would happen if both these astonishing technologies collide with each other?

A Tailor-Made Travel Experience-

Yes, you read it write. The integration of AI & Blockchain technologies can contribute to a tailor made travel experience. This point might amaze you that most of the traveling companies are creating a travel ecosystem powered by artificial intelligence and data science. Everything gets planned based on your interests & preferences & all this can be with a single click.

The amalgamation of AI and Blockchain can pull out the best travel agency sites that would be in accordance to your preferences.

Blockchain-Powered Chatbots-

Cahtbots have now become a major trend for businesses across varied domains. I’m sure you might be wondering how Blockchain technology could be integrated with AI-powered chatbots. Their collaboration will result in ensuring the integrity of the data.

Blockchain-powered chatbots are quite effective in handling multi-media & text analysis. Blockchain protocols help in authenticating data label quality that would result in identifying datasets accurately.

Can Avoid Attacks Before They Happen (Cyber Security Applications)-

Integration of AI & Blockchain technologies can play a key role in the Cyber security. Their amalgamation will help in preventing unexpected cyber threats from taking place. Even in the technology of IoT the amalgamation of AI & Blockchain with Machine Learning will be playing a key role to identify abnormal device behavior. It then enables the actual protection which is essential for safeguarding the Internet of Things.

This is just the beginning & as both these technologies are in the early stages of development we can expect further advanced innovative applications of these combined technologies.

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