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Insights To The History Of Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the latest technology innovation that has become the newest buzzword & the most debated topic of the preset time. The impact of AI can be seen across every major sector like IT, Banking, Business, Healthcare, Automobile, Telecommunication, Education, Gaming, Defence, Space Research, Government, and many other sectors.

With the incorporation of AI across various sectors, experts are of the view that most of the monotonous job-roles performed by humans would soon get replaced by smart robots, but this doesn’t lead to any unemployment issues. AI is expected to generate several new job opportunities that are more challenging & innovative.  So, prepare your career to face the ongoing AI-driven industry revolution by joining for the Best AI Training In Hyderabad program offered by Kelly Technologies.  

Now in this post, let’s take a look at the history of Artificial Intelligence.

The History Of Artificial Intelligence-

The term Artificial Intelligence was first coined in the year 1956. Back in the late 90s’, the research on AI was limited to topics like problem-solving and symbolic methods. The pace of development in AI was considerably slow until the advent of the Big Data revolution in the present 21st century. In the 1960s’ the research on AI was carried out towards making computers mimic human intelligence & in the 1970s’ the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency has completed its stream mapping project with AI.

The research on AI from the 1950s’ to 1970s’ on neural networks has made the world excited thinking about smart machines with abilities similar to a human brain. The research on AI from 1980s’to 2010 has led to the development of Machine Learning technology & in the present day, extensive research is being carried on Deep Learning technology. 

The rapid advancements in AI have contributed a lot in the development of formal reasoning & smart search abilities in the computers that we see today. The present days’ digital assistants like Siri, Alexa, or Cortana that have become a regular part of our daily life are the smart solutions of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technologies.

At present¸, the demand for AI across various industries is so significant that enterprises are readily hiring the best talent in this technology by offering exclusively high salary packages. Make a smart career move by mastering the skills in AI with the help of the advanced AI training program by Kelly Technologies & prepare your career to face the new world of rising career opportunities in this technology.

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