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Innovative Data Science Project Ideas For 2020

With the growing prominence of Data Science, a number of people have started developing skills in this field. To sustain in this growing competition & to secure a career in the field of Data Science, one needs to build a strong project portfolio in his/her profile. If you are a fresher in Data Science, then the best practice that could ensure on developing technical skills in this field is by working on multiple projects in real-time.

Now, let’s look at some of the innovative project ideas in Data Science 2020. 

  • Character Recognition

The primary focus of this project is to design a system that has the ability to recognize and understand the hand-written characters. Handling this project requires skills in convoluted neural networks. You need to train the neural networks & Deep Learning to recognize the words which are specifically hand-written with MNIST dataset.

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  • Chatbot

Chatbots have developed a lot of popularity in the recent time & are extensively being used as automated customer support agents in business. To design a Chatbot, you need to have extensive knowledge of NLP, Recurring Neural Networks & Deep Learning techniques. The datasets that are used in the Chatbots consists of a detailed list of vocabulary, a list of common sentences for which they should be delivering relevant responses. You shouldn’t be finding any difficulty to develop a Chatbot if you are very much comfortable in coding using Python.

  • Fake News Detection

The prime focus of this project is to develop a system that is capable of detecting fake news across different. Working on this project requires extensive knowledge of algorithms in Machine Learning & this model can be build by using TfidfVectorizer, and a passive-aggressive classifier.

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