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Importance Of Statistics In Data Science

Data has become the most essential commodity in the present day’s tech world that can help the enterprises in achieving numerous benefits. With the growing prominence for data, several data-driven technologies have been developed that are completely revolutionizing the way in which enterprises across different verticals function. Data Science is one of the fastest growing fields that is closely associated with Big Data & analytics. Data Science is an umbrella term for several techniques, tools & algorithms using which it can analyse data sources, clean and process the data & extract actionable insights.   

Statistics will be playing a crucial role in the data analysis process in Data Science & it helps the Data Scientists in manipulate data.  Statistics is one of the most essential tool sets in Data Science to analyze data. Statistical modeling techniques in Data Science will be playing a crucial role in performing quantitative analysis on data. Also, Statistical skills are very crucial for Data Scientists to handle linear regression and classification algorithms. Get trained in Data Science right from the scratch by joining our advanced Data Science Training In Hyderabad program.

Statistical Data Analysis

Statistics will be serving as a foundation when it comes to analyzing data using Data Science. To perform Statistical Analysis on Big Data, Data Scientists need to have extensive skills in latest statistical tools & mathematical skills. There are several software programs that support you in working on statistical analysis but without having basic understanding of why something is happening, it would become quite difficult to handle statistical analysis techniques.  Statistics will be playing crucial role when it comes to analyzing data with single data values (univariate) or multiple number of values (multivariate).

You can master the skills needed to work on statistical analysis in Data Science by working on multiple projects in real-time.  You can be a part of our Kelly Technologies advanced Data Science Course In Hyderabad program to master the real-world skills in Data Science right from the fundamental to advanced level concepts.

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