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Importance Of DevOps In Digital Assurance And Testing

In this digital era thechanging of enterprises andautomating of IT infrastructure with DevOps methodologies to accelerate the software development process. To accomplished the continuous demand from the businesses to deliver innovative and enhanced IT solutions.

DevOps is not only eliminating the limitations between the traditional silos of Business, IT Development, QA and Operations but is also outspreading the agile and lean-principles from software development to the software deployment phase. Organizations adapt digital in completestrength, QA and testing play a crucial role in the Industry.

Here, Digital assurance is no more restricted to testing applications across Social, Mobile, and Analytics as customer experience assurance is more equally important. The Omni-channel experience and the continuous performance are crucial with Digital Assurance.

Let’s know the 4 different ways about DevOps, why it is important for Digital Assurance and Testing:

Increased collaboration

Improved collaboration is one of the key benefits that DevOps brings in order to break down the wall between developers, testers, and operations. With DevOps, every department takes full responsibility for the overall success of the product.

Enhanced automation

Companies considering implementing DevOps depend profoundly on automation, which not just helps with the time to market but also releases employees to focus on more value-added jobs. Having clearly defined workflows is a big part of DevOps, which is further reinforced by automation.

Shorter time to market and cycle times

Due to the more automation and better collaboration, DevOps drives an organization in getting the product or service to market faster. This results in typically shorter cycle time with better quality, and better alignment with the business goals of the company.

Quicker feedback

One of the biggest benefits of the continuous deployment cycle enabled by DevOps is quicker feedback. Quick feedback not only helps businesses deal better with ambiguity but also develop more transparency in works.


Digital assurance plays a vital role in business for outstanding performance. By adopting DevOps, organizations can dramatically improve the value delivered by its business and can further streamline Digital Assurance and Testing. As DevOps reduces cycle time without negotiating on quality, businesses must continue to delight customers by rapidly rolling out new features to production.

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