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How To Become A DevOps Engineer- Secure A Job In DevOps

Are you a fresher graduate or a job seeker who’s aiming towards securing a career in DevOps?

Are you a career enthusiast who would like to get a feeling of what this whole DevOps thing is all about?

Are you a working professional who’s is looking for a career shift into DevOps and have no idea where to start?

If so, read on, as in this blog post we will be telling you how to become a successful DevOps engineer.

But firstly let us know what exactly DevOps is.

Defining DevOps-

DevOps is a new culture that fuses development and operations (DevOps, get it?) into one group. So, both the development & operations units will be working together throughout the project lifecycle. Both these units will be sharing the responsibilities of creating, deploying, and generating revenue from customer-facing software.

How To Secure A Job As A DevOps Engineer?

Here below are a sequence of steps that would guide on your journey towards becoming a successful DevOps engineer.

  • Intense DevOps Training

Whether you are a fresher or a working professional the very first step for you towards becoming a DevOps engineer is to acquire the skills & knowledge in DevOps. Develop industry centric skills in DevOps by joining the best training program. You should obtain the essential practical hands-on working experience in DevOps within the training.

  • Build The Skills Which The Job Role Demands

Most of the job positions in DevOps require experts who have experience in working in DevOps lifecycle. Work towards building expertise in handling DevOps tools, deploying strategies, understand agile & lean approach & build real-time working exposure towards all the other job roles performed by a DevOps engineer.

  • Build Knowledge of Automation

The job role of DevOps engineer demands knowledge for handling automation tools to manage servers and deployments. So having knowledge of Automation is a must.

  • Develop Your Personal Brand With Community Involvement

Building you career also involves developing your personal brand with community involvement. Once you have acquired all the essential skills in DevOps then you should be finding a way to put them on display. This best way to achieve this is to get involved in the highly active and growing DevOps communities.

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