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How Machine Learning & AI Are Empowering Data Science?

Both Big Data & Data Science have become the major revolutionary innovations of the 21st century. The use of Big Data & and advanced data analytical models in Data Science have become very crucial for the enterprises business development process. The analytical models in Data Science have proven to be highly effective in extracting the insights from Big Data. One of the major aspects that concern the process of analyzing the insights from Big Data is that 90% of the data that is generated globally remains in an unstructured format & only 10% of the data remains in a structured format.

Using traditional Big Data technologies like Hadoop or Spark have proven to be inefficient in relation to extracting value from the unstructured format of Big Data. This is AI & Machine Learning technologies have become crucial. Grasp in-depth knowledge of the analytical applications involving Data Science along with AI/ML technologies with our advanced Data Science Training In Hyderabad program.

Now, let’s understand how AI & ML technologies are empowering Data Science.

The general applications of Data Science like Data Mining, Data Processing, Data Visualization, etc, can be handled directly with the existing tools & techniques. But when it comes to handling advanced Data Science applications like Predictive Analytics, Fraud Analysis, Demand Forecasting, etc the preferred model needs to be trained extensively with the algorithms in AI & Machine Learning technologies. These algorithms help the models to make accurate predictions from the given data sets.

Without training the model with the AI/ML algorithms, it is impossible to make accurate predictions by analyzing the data sets. 

To better understand the use of AI/ML in Data Science, you can consider the application of Recommender Systems in Netflix. The data that is collected from the users is analyzed with Recommender System in Data Science that helps in generating accurate user based recommendations.

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