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How Enterprises Achieve Short Deployment Cycles With DevOps

Enterprises these days are readily embracing the DevOps culture not only just to stay competitive but also to achieve the numerous benefits of DevOps implementations. Every organization or individual has their own way of understanding & implementing DevOps. As per a survey conducted on DevOps its been revealed that 74 percent of global organizations have successfully adopted DevOps strategies as a part of their software/application development process in 2019 which was 64 percent in the year 2016.

The most commonly agreed aspect when it comes to DevOps is that it relies on lean & agile practices & emphasizes on brining collaboration between the development teams and processes to complement software development. The major benefits of DevOps implementation include short deployment cycle, faster delivery of products to the market, frequent software releases and many more.

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Let us has a look at how enterprises are able to achieve short deployment cycles with DevOps.

 Short Deployment Cycles With DevOps-

One of the major reasons for the failure of traditional software delivery process is that the cross functional teams doesn’t work in collaboration which leads to a setback in the development process. In the model where the relation between the different functioning teams remains soiled, it becomes difficult to tell whether the application in development is operational as the mostly the response between the development & operations teams remains biased owing to the lack of collaboration.

This is where DevOps comes into the game of play. DevOps strategies work towards bringing the development, operation & other cross functional teams working in a software delivery process onto a common platform where they will be working in collaboration with shared goals & responsibilities.

Also, with continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipelines the development teams can greatly shorten their application release cycles. With Continuous integration, the testing process can be automated & with continuous delivery the code can be released quickly to production.

This type of collaborative approach enhances the enterprises ability to innovate faster than their competitors.

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