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Experts guide To Understanding DevOps & Its Process

Using the DevOps method, many enterprises have successfully expanded their service offerings to include a wide range of services, including web hosting, development, testing, deployment, integration and maintenance. As companies implement DevOps to manage their software development lifecycle, this has enabled the creation of a more efficient processes for deploying web servers and managing the development and deployment process.

When organizations share DevOps and Agile processes, their development and operations teams can manage code more efficiently. It allows team members to move much faster, and development teams can find bugs early in the software development cycle. Develop skills and expertise in the job-role of a DevOps Engineer with our advanced DevOps Training in Hyderabad program.

Understanding DevOps:

  • DevOps Definition

In essence, DevOps is a software development process in which the development and operations teams work together on projects. Other approaches to DevOps include continuous integration, continuous deployment, agile development, and continuous deployment, but they can coexist.

  • DevOps Process

DevOps culture seeks to integrate cross-functional teams and let them share responsibilities, resulting in a more streamlined software development process. DevOps teams need to be involved throughout the development lifecycle, not just in the early stages of development, but throughout the development cycle. It means seeing the system through to the end, and its scope is the group that is involved in this workflow.

  • DevOps Security Practices

DevSecOps is an extension of DevOps that allows you to integrate security practices into your Dev Ops approach. A core part of the DevOps workflow is the embedding of security tools such as security teams, security testing, intrusion detection, monitoring, etc.

Now that you know what exactly DevOps is, you can gain expertise in the prominent job-roles and responsibilities of a DevOps Engineer with our exclusive hands-on DevOps Course In Hyderabad program by Kelly Technologies.

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