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Exclusive Cloud Services By Amazon You Should Know in 2020

Amazon Web Services is a prominent cloud platform by the Ecommerce giant Amazon Company. Over the years, in response to the highly efficient cloud services offered by AWS, it has now become a building block for those organizations that rely on cloud for their service & application development process. Cloud services by AWS are best known for their features like high security, elasticity, scalability, and flexibility.

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Now, let’s have a look at some of the most exclusive cloud services offered by AWS.

  • Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2)

Amazon EC2 is a prominent cloud service offered by AWS that assist in computing workloads. With Amazon EC2, enterprises no longer need to invest in setting up infrastructure like physical servers as supports them by creating virtual machines. The different features of these virtual services are also managed efficiently by Amazon EC2. These features include security, ports, and storage. With Amazon EC2, users no longer need to bother about server maintenance.

  • Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)

This is a storage service offered by AWS that lets users to store their data over the Internet services. As the infrastructure adopted by AWS is highly advanced, users can now securely store their data over the cloud in the form of objects. Amazon S3 greatly minimizes the data loss issues & in case if any of the stored data is lost, then retrieving it is a lot easier & it can be retrieved irrespective of time and space via the Internet with just a single click.

  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

This is an advanced networking service offered by AWS. It simply isolates the network infrastructure of user’s computer & it makes it close to impossible for others to access your data over the network. So, if you are dealing with sensitive data then you can store it risk-free with AWS cloud.

AWS offers cloud services for all types of users needs like for Computing, Storing, Database, Migration, Network and Content Delivery, Security & more. Get a clear idea about the other types of services offered by AWS through experts’ guidance by joining for our institutes advanced AWS training program.

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