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Essential Skills Needed for Handling Data Science Projects

If you are a beginner in Data Science then, you need to work on multiple projects to boost your project portfolio & to get the relevant exposure to the Data Science industry challenges. Before getting started with the process of working on projects, you should be aware of the essential Data Science skills that you need to develop to successfully handle the projects. Build real-world skills & expertise in Data Science by working on multiple projects with our Data Science Training in Hyderabad program. 

  • Data Cleaning

It is one of most essential skill sets which every Data Scientist should be having in their inventory. The extent of success in your Data Science project depends heavily on the data quality. So, you would be spending a lot of time in Data Cleaning during the pre-processing stage. With efficient knowledge of Data Cleaning you will not only be achieving accurate results but will also be quick in addressing the challenges presented by data anomalies.

  • Exploratory Data Analysis

Mostly, the prime focus of a Data Science project is to explore deep inside data & extract accurate insights from it. Exploratory Data Analysis is the process of finding accurate solutions to the most complex questions by analyzing data. Skills in EDA are very crucial for Data Scientists as it would be helping them in getting better understanding of the data in hand & helps them in making accurate interpretations out of it.

There are several tool sets that can assist you in the process of EDA. Matplotlib in Python library, ggplot2 package in R are among the most extensively used tool sets in relation to working on EDA.

  • Machine Learning

Skills in Machine Learning have become a major necessity for Data Scientists. You can get started by developing skills in linear regression and logistic regression prior to building skills in Machine Learning. There are several libraries & packages in Python that support Machine Learning operations in Data Science.

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