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Essential Skills For The Job Role Of AWS Cloud Architects

The age of 21st century has given rise to several technology innovations like Big Data Analytics, IoT, Blockchain Cloud, etc. The demand for the technically skilled professionals in these new age technologies is surpassing the demand for the professionals in the existing technical IT & Software job-roles.  At present, AWS architects are considered to be the second most in-demand professionals in 2020 right next to the job-role of Data Scientists.

As a part of their job responsibility, AWS Architects are responsible for working on developing advanced cloud-based solutions that help the enterprises in securely migrating their workloads and infrastructure to the AWS cloud. As AWS offers more than a thousand different cloud solutions, these professionals need to be very much familiar with all these services along with the security aspects. If you are curios to step into the job role of an AWS Architect then master the cognitive cloud skills in AWS that will get you hired with the help of our AWS Training In Hyderabad program.

Now, let’s look at the essential skills which AWS Cloud Architects need to develop to experience a skyrocketing career graph in AWS.

Essential Skills For AWS Cloud Architects-

  • Programming Knowledge

As a part of the job-role, these professionals need to develop code in Java, Python or any other prominent languages to build logical solutions. With sound knowledge of programming, integrating new technologies & tools with AWS cloud solutions become a lot easier.

  • Networking

Having intense knowledge of networking applications is very crucial for AWS Cloud Architect professionals.  He/she should be very much skilled in handling different networking applications like DNS, TCP/IP, HTTP, CDN and VPN, etc.

  • Data Storing Applications

These professionals need to have intense skills for handling different database storage solutions to securely store & access data. He/she should be very much skilled in handling different storage solutions like Amazon S3, Relational Database Service, Hadoop clusters, etc.

Along with these skills, having intense knowledge of AWS security applications, service selection & intense communication skills are also very crucial for the job-role of an AWS Cloud Architect professional. Be part of the exclusive AWS training program offered by Kelly Technologies & get transformed into a job ready cloud expert in AWS.

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