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Essential Features of DevOps In The Technology Of Cloud

Essential Features of DevOps In The Technology Of Cloud

DevOps can be interpreted as a major cultural change that revolutionizes enterprises software delivery process. DevOps is the evolution of software development process from age old waterfall development approach to lean & agile modern approach. DevOps strategies empower businesses to stay relevant with the latest trends in the software development process. It also emphasizes the need to constantly innovate through software for faster & reliable development outcomes.

DevOps is a major cultural & process change that also focuses on technology advancements & innovations in the software/application development process. DevOps culture works towards breaking down the soil relationships between the cross functional teams & sets its complete focus on achieving agile development, continuous delivery by deploying automation throughout the CD/CI pipeline.  Build real-world skills & hands-on expertise to handle DevOps strategies with our advanced DevOps Training In Hyderabad program.

List Of Prominent Features To Look At In DevOps:

  • Application Performance Management

DevOps has several prominent tools that support accelerated software/application development process. There are several tools in DevOps that support Application Performance Management.

  • Monitoring

The extent of success in DevOps relies heavily on the extent of automation used in testing & monitoring operations. There are several tools that support continuous delivery/integration operations. Enterprises need to transfer their existing systems to support continuous monitoring system. Continuous Monitoring helps in eliminating the bottlenecks in the monitoring process & reduces human errors.

  • End User Experience Monitoring

DevOps strategies enable teams to work collaboratively towards project completion with shared responsibilities. There are several tools in DevOps that support business side as well, and helps the teams to satisfy end user requirements.

  • Synthetic Monitoring

DevOps lean & agile approaches will be empowering the developing & operation teams in a good way. Using application/API driven synthetic monitoring helps enterprises to achieve success in their desired objectives.

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