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Does Analytics & Data Science Are Related Or Differ From Each Other?

As industries across the verticals have become more data centric, the demand for data analytical technologies is steadily increasing. Amid the ongoing COVID pandemic, most of the government authorities are relying on Data Science & AI to get their economies back on track. Science the last decade, there has been several advancements in Data Science making it the best field for analytics. Data Science can be interpreted as the process that interprets with large sets of data to uncover complex behavior, trends, and inferences.

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Now, let’s understand whether Analytics & Data Science are related or differ to each other.


Analytics is a field that is in existence from a long time & it can simple be defined as the “science of analysis”. It deals with the process of performing statistical analysis on data sets to make better informed decisions.

Both Data Science & Analytics are two closely related technologies & are often used interchangeably. Both these technologies can be interpreted as to different sides of the same coin, with functions being highly interconnected.

Difference Between An Analyst & A Data Scientist?

Data Science is an umbrella term that makes use of different techniques to mine large datasets & extracts actionable insights from it. On the other hand, Data analytics is more like a software version of Data Science that deals with larger process. Analytics sets its focus on delivering actionable insights that can be immediately put to action.

Data Scientist:

Data Scientists are the skilled Data Science professionals who are equipped with the latest data analytics skills & are experts in handling of tools & algorithms to analyze large data sets along with strong business acumen. These professionals are also having intense knowledge of Machine Learning algorithms.


They are the professionals who perform statistical analysis on Big Data to obtain accurate insights. These professionals aren’t skilled as high as Data Scientists. Both the terms Analyst & Data Scientists are neither synonym nor mutually exclusive.

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