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Different Types Of Data Scientists That Are In-Demand

Data Science is a rapidly growing field in the present age of analytics. As companies continue to be more data driven and as more people have become aware of the need to acquire the sufficient insights to make informed decisions, this field is expected to grow rapidly over the next several years. Data Science is becoming a popular trend in many industries. The field offers a wealth of opportunities for both companies and researchers. It is predicted to be a major driver of economic growth over the next several years due to the need to obtain and retain new data and to drive business decisions.

Data Science is also becoming more prevalent in other fields like IT, Healthcare, Banking, Automobile, Government and other areas. Diverse Data Science job-roles like Data Scientists, AI Specialists, Machine Learning Engineers, etc are the trending job-roles in the field of Data Science. Build your career successfully in the field of Data Science with our comprehensive Data Science Training In Hyderabad program.

In-Demand Data Scientist Job Roles:

  • Statistician

The job-role of a Data Scientist isn’t something new and is in existence from a long time and is referred to as Statistician. These professionals are very much capable of handling the statistical techniques. Statisticians are very much capable of handling diverse techniques like Hypothesis testing, Analysis of Variance, Data Visualization, etc.

  • Machine Learning Scientists

Both Machine Learning Scientists are & AI Specialists are gaining a lot of prominence. These professionals develop complex algorithms that help in handling large sets of Big Data. These algorithms would be playing a crucial role in the development of advanced analytical models that can make accurate pricing strategies, demand forecasting, and more.

  • Business Analytic Practitioners

Business Analytic Professionals are playing a key role in the enterprises business development process. These professionals find accurate solutions to most of the complex business problems and empower business stakeholders to make accurate data-driven strategic decisions.

Apart from these, there are several other job-roles in Data Science that have also gained a lot of prominence like Software Programming Analysts, Digital Analytic Consultant, Quality Analyst, etc. Become industry-ready in Data Science with Kelly Technologies Data Science Course In Hyderabad program.

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