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DevOps Automation Tools Which You Should Know

The technical advancements in the IT industry has presented the industry a lot tools which can contribute to the development and operations of IT solutions. By deploying these tools in the enterprises software or product development process, companies will become more productive. Using tools to identify security threats saves a lot of time which otherwise would get lost in restructuring.

Most of the enterprises these days are readily embracing the DevOps culture. Building real-time knowledge of DevOps software development process, tools & automation strategies, you can easily get hired in an MNC. Join the Best DevOps Training In Hyderabad program by Kelly Technologies & work towards becoming an industry ready DevOps Engineer. 

Now, let’s take a look at the most extensively used automation tools in DevOps.

  • Git

IF you are dealing with a large development project in Linux, then selecting the GIT tool would be the ideal choice. Most of the organizations these days prefer GIT for their developmental operations owing to its distinct features. Git is well compatible with the enterprises existing systems and protocols. It also supports non-linear & distributed development process.

In the case where a large number of useless dangling objects gets created, Git automatically accumulates garbage.

  • Jenkins

Jenkins is the best known tool kit in the DevOps ecosystem & is extensively used for continuous software integration operations. Jenkins is developed in Java. With Jenkins software developers can easily detect the bugs in a code. It also support automating the entire testing process. It continuous integration features helps in eliminating all sorts of complex problems towards the end of the application/software development process.

Jenkins is the application developers’ favorite automation tool in DevOps.

  • Splunk

Most of the large scale enterprises rely on Splunk as it supports their development team with operational intelligence. It is also capable of covering the machine data into usable actionable insights through data-driven analytics. It helps the enterprises to stay productive & competitive.

IT giants like IBM and TCS uses Splunk DevOps automation tool.

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