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DevOps & Agile Process-Understanding the key Differences

DevOps is an advanced software development process that empowers enterprises to achieve continuous software delivery through automated software delivery and agile software development process. DevOps process helps enterprises to better address the issues that arise in Release Management and a solution is created before the project is deployed for a release. DevOps emphasizes the need to build a Release Management plan that would ensure to early detection & fixation of issues prior to release of the project.

Support for DevOps depends on the level of knowledge and expertise of the team working on the system. Enterprises can get support from system administrator or from DevOps engineer. Our DevOps Training In Hyderabad program fosters skills that would help you stay productive in your DevOps job-role.  

Difference Between Agile & DevOps:

The primary difference between the two terms is that the Agile team focuses on developing the architecture and the system while the DevOps team focuses more on the execution of these architectural decisions. In addition to that, a majority of DevOps teams focus more on automated test suites and the testing of software before it ever gets deployed into production. DevOps uses test automation tools such as Jenkins, Bambo, Jmeter, etc.

Rise In The Demand For DevOps Skills:

Scalability is a key advantage that is provided by DevOps. It allows organizations to rapidly develop new systems without any downtime. There are some people who believe that it will become obsolete very soon. They believe that it is too complicated for organizations. But the fact is that DevOps will bring about a new revolution in IT infrastructure. This new revolution will include cloud computing and containerization.

In sharp contrast to the rising demand for DevOps experts, owing to various reasons, the supply of skilled DevOps experts has become very limited. Develop core technical expertise in DevOps with our advancedDevOps Course in Hyderabad program.

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