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Data Science Tools For Small Businesses

Over the years, the prominence of Data Science has increased quite massively. It is currently being termed as one among the most influential technologies of the 21st century. Data Science is like a fuel for the businesses to help them make revolutionary leaps forward. This abundance in the availability of the data is the primary reason for the big companies to rely on Data science. What about the small-scale industries which generates comparatively less data than that of large-scale industries?

In this blog post let’s give you in detail insights to the most powerful Data Science tools for small businesses.

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a major concept in Digital Marketing that helps in validating real-time traffic insights to the websites. It is a free traffic analysis tool for websites. The features of Google Analytics are:

  • Helps in tracking the user trends, demographics & geographical location
  • Helps in tracking the conversion points
  • Helps to whether the traffic to the website is direct or referral
  • Helps in identifying the keywords using which a user has reached your website

Google Analytics makes use of tracking codes use statistical analysis in Data Science to generate accurate insights.

  • Qlik Sense

Qlik Sense is one among the most extensively analytics tool for Business Intelligence. Qlik Sense makes it possible to combine all the data sources in one place. This helps in effectively analyzing the data & supports the presence of interactive visualizations & as well as drag & drop properties. Businesses can make smarter decisions easily with the help of Qlik Sense. It is a free tool that supports few paid applications as well.

  • Tableau

Tableau is one among the most extensively data visualization tool for the application of business intelligence. It is for people without any programming expertise. Just like Qlik Sense Tableau also supports drag & drop properties to effectively visualize the data. Apart from these features Tableau also provides a a free variant called Tableau Public which lets you share your visualizations on a public platform.

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