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Data Mining & Machine Learning-The Two Main Areas Of Focus In Data Science

Data Science is a field of analytics that works towards extracting actionable insights from large sets of structured and unstructured data. The processes involving Data Science can be managed by Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Data Engineers and other analytical professionals. By making use of Statistical, Machine Learning, Analytical and other core technical skills, these professionals accurately interpret with large sets data.

The primary focus of Data Science is to develop to analyze large volumes of data to provide relevant solutions to the most complex data related problems. In addition to being able to provide accurate solutions to problems, Data Science can also be used to improve the process of scientific research and makes accurate predictions out of data. Set your focus towards becoming job-ready in Data Science with our comprehensive Data Science Training In Hyderabad program. 

Data Science Has Two Main Areas Of Focus Namely:

  • Data Mining

Data Mining is one of the two main areas of focus in data science. Data Mining is also called as Knowledge Discovery in Data (KDD). It involves the collection of data from multiple sources in order to generate new insights. The main goal of data mining is to uncover hidden relationships that may help a researcher to create new and unique ideas.

  • Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a new field which is still being developed and perfected. Machine Learning involves the development of algorithms or software systems which can be used in different applications. Machine Learning includes a variety of applications such as Image Recognition and Speech Recognition, Classification of Images, Data Mining, Language Recognition, Medical Diagnosis, Stock Trading etc.

Machine Learning is an area of research in which the algorithms used for analyzing large volumes of data are modified in order to create better solutions. Data Science when combined with Machine Learning can make accurate predictions by developing Predictive Models and by training the data sets with relevant Machine Learning algorithms.

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