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Complex Challenges That Hinder The Adaptation of DevOps

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DevOps is a innovative culture which is build on the principles of ‘lean’ & ‘agile’ workforce. DevOps strategies are now playing a key role in taking the businesses & enterprises to a whole new level. This has encouraged many companies to work towards accepting this culture shift by embracing DevOps. However, DevOps adaption isn’t as easy as it sounds. Different companies face different problems that hinder their process of adapting DevOps.

From inherited infrastructure to the personal preferences of specialists and the lack of the necessary culture here below are the most complex challenges that hider the adaption of DevOps.

Lack Of Culture-

The first & the most crucial thing that needs to be checked before adapting DevOps is working on moulding the culture. Enterprises should be ready for a shift in culture & they should have the right set of workforce that can lead DevOps activities within the organization.

Test Automation-

As we all are aware that continuous automation is a key to achieving success with DevOps, but most of the companies instead of setting their focus on working on test automation they are setting their focus on CI / CD processes. If enterprises are adapting DevOps then they should set their focus on test automation.

Outdated Systems-

If the enterprise is running on outdated infrastructure then DevOps isn’t really the way for you. Outdated systems are the main reasons why enterprises fail towards successful adaption of DevOps. Updating the infrastructure by installing new hardware or software is the best practice in this regard.

Lack Of DevOps Plan-

Enterprises that work on adapting DevOps within out any prior planning are bound to fail in their process. They should begin by working on a plan with clear steps, responsibilities, and concrete results.

Environmental Management-

Standardization and automation are among those crucial aspects that would lead to a successful DevOps adaption. So enterprises should work on integrating with the best cloud service providers and other off-the-shelf tools.

Other challenges that hinder the process of DevOps adaption are lack of skills, indefinite budget planning & poor leadership management.

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