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Career Options For Data Scientists In India

The tech advancements in India are happing at a rapid pace exceeding every ones’ expectations. Most of the Indian enterprises have started hiring the Data Science talent at large to make most out of their Big Data reserves to their full potential. As per the experts’ predictions, by the end of 2020, the demand for the job role of a Data Scientist is expected to rise by 28 percent. Enterprises also require Data Scientists at large to better understand the changing market trends, customers’ requirements & to create relevancy with the market requirements to stay competitive.

Undoubtedly, the demand for skilled Data Science professionals in India skyrocketing & India ranks second in the number of analytics job vacancies right next to the US.  So work towards landing successfully in a Data Science job role by mastering the cognitive skills in this industry by joining for the Best Data Science Training In Hyderabad program offered by the Kelly Technologies.

As we all are aware of the job-role of a Data Scientist now, let’s take a look at the other in-demand Data Science job-roles in India.

Data Analyst

They are the qualified professionals who are responsible for the task of analyzing large volumes of complex Big Data, find the unknown correlations between the patterns & to make accurate business decisions based on the analysis.

Business intelligence (BI) Developer

They are the professionals who are responsible for the task of developing business strategies based on the insights from the data. These professionals have hands-on insights to work on advanced BI tools that can help the stakeholders to better understand the insights from the data.

The Machine Learning Engineer

They are the experts who are responsible for the task of working on advanced Machine Learning algorithms to make sense of Big Data. The demand for these professionals is not limited to one particular field & these experts are at the top in the list of highest-paid analytics job-roles right next to Data Science.

Data Architect

They are the professionals who are responsible for the task of testing & analyzing the results by Data Scientists to ensure maximum performance & relevant results are achieved.

Applications Architect

They are the experts who are responsible for analyzing the behaviour of various applications that are used within a business and study how these applications interact with the end users.

Infrastructure Architect

These professionals ensure that the existing systems are performing at an optimal level & they help the enterprises’ in adopting new technologies and system requirements.

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