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Best Practices Towards Achieving Success In DevOps Adoption

DevOps is a revolutionary culture in the software development process where development and IT operations would be working in collaboration, and even going so far as to understand the roles and responsibilities of each of teams. DevOps is not just about the team, but also about the process, tools and tools of the system. It is a process of continuous improvement, continuous integration and continuous deployment of systems and processes.

If you think DevOps is for startups only or for web software only. What has become the modern practice of automated builds and tests (CI) in software development comes from the Agile World, which dates informally back to the 1990s and formally goes back to 2001. In recent years, Dev Ops has been associated with “agile” or “software development,” with Agile practitioners touting this method as a way to integrate the methodology into production.

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DevOps Best Practices:

  • Multidisciplinary Teams

A developer must have a skill set that combines software development, systems and infrastructure expertise. This combination may be difficult to find, and there are many different types of system administrators and software developers you need to work with a DevOps team, not only as a developer, but also as an operator.

  • Continuous Automation

The success of DevOps relies heavily on deployment of continuous automation.  DevOps process when combined with continuous integration, continuous automation and continuous deployment could lead to continuous delivery. Enterprises should make use of advanced automation tools for continuous monitoring and testing process.

  • Collaborative Approach

The cross functional teams inside the DevOps process should work in a collaborative approach with shared responsibilities. Their primary focus should be aligned towards end product in mind.

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