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Best Automated Testing Tools For DevOps

DevOps emphasizes achieving a cultural shift in the enterprises where the Development & the Operation units will be working in collaboration by communicating adversely throughout the application development lifecycle. DevOps also emphasizes the need for automation of resources for better productive outcomes. With automation, Continuous Delivery can be successfully achieved as the teams will have the opportunity to build after continuous testing automatically at any time. Get the best understanding of the DevOps strategies by being a part of the Kelly Technologies advanced DevOps Training In Hyderabad program.

To successfully achieve the objective of Continuous Delivery in DevOps, the process of testing should be done more rapidly. If the companies still rely on the age-old traditional tools & manual techniques for testing, then achieving the said objective would be a difficult task.

In this post, let’s take a clear look at some of the most commonly used Automated testing tools in DevOps

Selenium With Robot Framework-

Selenium is one of the most predominantly used web automation testing tools. Being open-source in nature & as it supports multiple frameworks in different languages makes it the ideal choice for testers.

Also, Selenium is will compatible to run across multiple operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux and browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE & more.


Testsigma can be interpreted as an advanced AI-driven automated testing platform. Having the presence of Shift-Left approach can easily integrate the process of Continuous Testing in an end-to-end continuous delivery ecosystem. Using Testsigma eliminates the complexity involved in a testing environment. Also, this tool doesn’t require much of programming knowledge as the automated tests are written in simple language.

IBM Rational Functional Tester

IBM Rational Functional Tester, which is shortly known as IBM RFT, is another promising tool in this category. By using this tool, testers can execute multiple test cases like API, Performance Testing and Regression testing.

RFT can execute automated functional tests & it employees a system which is capable of recording and also playback. It is also capable of comparing the obtained result with the input data given to its system.

Apart from these, the other automated testing tools which are worth mentioning here are Tricentis Tosca, Unified Functional Test, Parasoft and more.

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