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Automation In Data Science-Data Science Automaton Tools You Need To Know  

At the present time, Data Science has become a crucial element for businesses across every major sector. Since its beginning, Data Science has come across a long way towards becoming “the sexiest job of the 21st century”. There are several advancements in Data Science that are gathering a lot of interest. One among such latest advancements in Data Science is automation.

Most of you might be well aware about Robotics Automation which has revolutionized the IT & Corporate sector. Automation isn’t just limited to robotics. Today, automation is effectively collaborating with several other domains & Data Science is one among them. There are a large number of tools & products that can automate the Data Science process.

Let’s have a look at some of the trending automation tools that are revolutionizing the Data Science industry.

  • Auto-Weka

There are several Machine Learning algorithms that are readily used in the Data Science process. Most of these methods that involve ML are inclided in the Weka package. The problem that arises here is that most of the algorithms are set to have individual hyper parameters which can alter their performance. This is where Auto-Weka comes handy

Auto-WEKA solves this problem by selecting a learning algorithm and setting its hyper parameters. It also considers Bayesian optimization as a solution for this problem. Even non-experts can be benefited a lot from this application as its makes it easy for them towards identifying ML algorithms and hyper parameter settings appropriate to their applications.

  • dotData

One among the most crucial & challenging aspect for Data Scientists is feature engineering. dotData has come up with the best pack the best-in-class AI capabilities that can automate the Data Science processes.

The company has now set its focus towards democratising and automating the entire Data Science workflow.

Most of the traditional process that are in use for Data Science involve a lot of time for getting pipelines into production. By making use of this AI/ML platform, most of the Data Science projects can be executed much quicker.

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