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Analyzing The Data Analytics Industry Trends In India

The field of analytics is gaining a lot of demand ever since the outbreak of Big Data. Enterprises across the IT, software, Healthcare, Travel and many other industries are benefiting at large from their investment on Big Data and analytics. Advanced Big Data technologies like Data Science, AI & Machine Learning are causing a major disruption in the industries across the verticals. The analytical insights that are generated from Big Data helps enterprises in making accurate data-driven smart business decisions.  

If we look into the past, back in 2018, experts have viewed that Indian analytical market share value would reach $2.71 billion annually in revenue & at the end of 2019 the actual market value has recorded to be around $3.03 billion. This stat simply indicates that the Indian analytics industry is expanding at rapid pace exceeding everyone’s expectations. However, despite the momentum in the market, Indian analytics industry is still facing a shortage of skilled and certified data analytical experts. Our Data Science Training in Hyderabad program can help you develop deep technical expertise in Data Science and its related technologies.

Growing Demand for Data Analytical Professionals in India:

As enterprises in India have started relying on data-driven insights as a part of their business development strategies, the demand for skilled analytical professionals is on the surge. According to LinkedIn stats, the average experience of Data Science professionals in India is around 8 years & it actually moved up from being 7.9 years back in 2018.

Many IT, Software & Business enterprises are recruiting experts in Data Science both fresher and expert talent at large. But one of the major concerns of Indian analytical industry is that almost 40% of our analytics professionals in India are having experience of 5 years or less.

As the demand for Data Scientists is at an all time high, you can make the most out of these opportunities by joining our intense Data Science Course in Hyderabad program.

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