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Frequently Asked Interview Questions On Machine Learning

Are you a Machine Learning career enthusiast preparing to clear the interview rounds? If so, we are here to help you. We have prepared the list of most frequently asked interview questions on Machine Learning that will help you get through the door. However, in addition to having knowledge of these questions, you need to be very fluent while discussing the projects which you have mentioned in your resume.

Now, let’s have a look at the most frequently asked interview questions on Machine Learning

What Exactly is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is an advanced concept in Computer Science and is the subset of AI. It emphasizes towards presenting machines with the abilities to automatically learn and improve from their past experiences. It makes machines learn automatically from their historical data.

How Do You Differentiate Data Mining and Machine learning?

The process of Machine Learning follows a systemic procedure of studying, designing and developing algorithms that present systems or software with the ability to learn from their previous experiences without explicitly being programmed. 

The process of Data Mining deals with interpreting with unstructured data so as to extract insights or unknown hidden patterns and correlations.  The process of Data Mining makes use of Machine Learning algorithms for accuracy & preciseness

Why Does Overfitting Occur?

Whenever the criteria used for training the model is different from the criteria which is used to judge the efficacy of a model would result in the occurrence of Overfitting.

Why Is Naive Bayes So ‘Naive’?

As Navie Bayes assumes that all the features in a data set to be equally prominent and independent but however when it comes to the real-world scenarios these assumptions barely become true. This is the reason why Naïve Bayes is considered to be so Naïve.

In The Case Where You Are Working On A Data Set, Which Procedure You Would Follow To Select Important Variables?

Based on the following methods I would be selecting the important variables:

  • Use of Lasso Regression method
  • Using Random Forest, plot variable imprtance chart
  • Using Linear regression

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