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About The Course

Microsoft Power BI is an advanced Business development platform developed by the Microsoft organization. It’s a well-known fact that visualization of data by extracting valuable insights has become a key factor for the success of any business. Power Bi is one among such advanced platform which has the presence of the most advanced tools that can transform an organization’s data into rich visuals. It also delivers a panoramic view of business to help the viewers gauge updates in real-time. Its dashboard can run on multiple platforms to help in transforming data into rich visuals.

Get a better understanding of all the advanced concepts involved in the Power BI technology & start working towards making the most out of the rising career opportunities in this domain with our Kelly Technologies advanced Power BI Training In Hyderabad.

Learning Modules Of Power BI Training In Hyderabad

Microsoft Power BI Training In Hyderabad at our institute will help our students to gain insights of all the advanced modules of this domain. Our Power BI training course curriculum covers all the advanced topics & is very much in-term with the present industry requirements.

The major set of learning modules that are included in our Power BI training program are

  • Complete overview of Microsoft Power BI
  • Understand how Power BI can transform data & business
  • Learn about power BI desktop & get to know how to manage & utilize data with it
  • Working on Power BI data modeling concepts
  • Hands-on exposure towards creating custom data visualizations & style reports
  • Working on sharing & collaborating with data through Power BI
  • Exposure of real-world projects and live industry-based case studies on Power BI

What Makes Power BI Unique?

Here below are the features of Power BI that made it one among the most extensively used business intelligence tools

  • Integrates seamlessly with existing applications
  • Has the presence of rich personalized dashboards
  • Enables reports to be published securely
  • Doesn’t possess any memory and speed constraints
  • No specialized technical support required
  • Can extract business intelligence rapidly and accurately
  • Supports Advanced Data services

Interested in securing your career in the Power BI business analytics platform? Gain competitive advantage over others by leveraging complete hands-on knowledge with Kelly Technologies experts driven Power BI Training In Hyderabad.

Pre-Requisites For Power BI Training Program

There are no such major pre-requisites for taking Power BI Training In Hyderabad. However, having prior knowledge of how data works towards contributing to the development of business will surely be an added advantage.

Intended Audience For Power Bi Training In Hyderabad:

Intended Audience For Power Bi Training In Hyderabad

Power BI Course In Hyderabad from our institute is open for everyone who are having the interest to make a career in this progressing profession. Also, working professionals from other domains who are aiming towards making a career transition into the Power BI platform can also get enrolled for our course.

The other set of targeted audience for our Power BI training program are

  • Business Analysts
  • Business Managers
  • Developers
  • IT Professionals
  • Tech Enthusiasts
  • Degree Holders & Job Seekers
  • End Users

Microsoft Power BI Training Projects Execution

Getting enrolled for our Kelly Technologies Power BI Training in Hyderabad will make you work on multiple real-time live industry projects & as well as case studies. We have the presence of a well-sophisticated lab infrastructure where students will be assisted by qualified lab experts round the clock.

Kelly Technologies Power BI Training Certification

The certification which we deliver to our students upon successful completion of the course will surely be delivering value to their career profile & it will help them in their quest for the best job opportunities across reputed organizations.

So hurry up & get enrolled for Kelly Technologies Power BI Training In Hyderabad.

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