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Azure DevOps Online Training and Classroom Course Overview

Step-up for the rising career opportunities in this leading platform by getting enrolled for the Kelly Technologies advanced learning program of Azure DevOps Training Online Training and classroom training. As a part of this advanced Azure DevOps Course, participants will be leveraging real-world knowledge towards setting up the Azure DevOps environment, Database continuous integration & deployment, setting up stage deployment approvals & further more advanced concepts. This is surely the best training program of Azure DevOps Course.

Course Objectives of Azure DevOps Online Training & Classroom Course Program

This Azure DevOps Online Course program is specially designed by the frontline industry experts. The trainers here will be working towards shaping the students into becoming fully competent Azure DevOps professionals. The skill sets developed from this course will help students in tackling the core technical challenges of this Azure DevOps job role with ease.

This Azure DevOps online training program helps students to

  • Build knowledge of the basic concepts of DevOps in Azure
  • Build knowledge of the different solutions to the challenges in Azure DevOps
  • Learn how to run Containers on Azure with Kubernetes
  • Hands-on working on automation with Azure Resource Manager
  • Working on real-life case studies & industry based projects

What is Azure DevOps?

Azure DevOps is an advanced form of Visual Studio Team Services otherwise known as VSTS. The rapid advancements in VSTS have resulted in Azure DevOps & its introduction has made processes like Infrastructure as Code, Continuous Integration & Deployment, etc a lot easier. Many enterprises in the IT/Software industry are recruiting skilled Azure DevOps experts & joining this Azure DevOps Online Training program gets you equipped with skills that would get you hired successfully in the Azure DevOps job role.

Intended Audience for Azure DevOps Online Training

This course is specially designed by frontline industry experts for budding Azure DevOps career enthusiasts. Joining this course will also be benefiting working professionals who belong to diverse job roles like System Administrators, Developers, Cloud Engineers & DevOps experts as they can reach new career heights. Having well flexible course timings, this course benefits both fresher and working professionals.

TThe other set of intended audience for our advanced Azure DevOps Online Course program are

  • IT Software Developers
  • Network Admins
  • Analysts
  • Database Administrator
  • Non IT Professionals
  • Job Seekers
  • Degree Holders
  • End Users

About Kelly Technologies Azure DevOps Certification Training

Kelly Technologies is currently the leader in the training industry domain. Having the presence of skilled real-time trainers who are having many years of relevant industry working experience, Kelly Technologies is aimed towards getting its students leverage real-world industry skills in their desired technologies & make them career ready.

Make the most out of the rising career opportunities in this leading platform of Azure DevOps by enrolling for our Kelly Technologies real-time certification program of Azure DevOps Online Course.

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