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AWS DevOps Training in Hyderabad Overview:

As many companies across the world have started integrating cloud and DevOps as a part of their business processes, there’s a surge in the demand for individuals who can lead these initiatives. AWS DevOps skills have become the most sought-after skill sets across the IT industry and many companies are offering exclusively high salary packages for skilled AWS certified DevOps experts. The prime focus of this AWS DevOps course is to equip learners with necessary skills and knowledge needed to excel in a career as AWS certified DevOps professionals. By combining both theoretical learning and hands-on practical exercises, this course aims at making students build skills in technical areas like how to automate infrastructure provisioning, monitor application performance, and implement CI/CD pipelines using industry best practices and many other concepts.

Our AWS DevOps Course in Hyderabad course follows a specially designed curriculum that covers a wide range of topics including cloud computing fundamentals, AWS storage services, continuous development and integration and security best practices in an AWS environment. From this AWS and DevOps training program you will also develop your ability to use some prominent AWS tool sets like CloudFormation, Docker, Kubernetes and Jenkins which help to automate many processes and ensure continuous delivery of high-quality software. As a part of our training sessions, you will also work on real-time projects on AWS DevOps concepts and you would be awarded a course completion certificate by the time of course completion.

Who is an AWS Certified DevOps Engineer?

An AWS Certified DevOps Engineer is a practitioner who has a strong skill set in both software development and operational functions. They are proficient to use CICD pipelines, infrastructure as code, and automated monitoring solutions on the Amazon Web Services. To handle the roles and responsibilities under this job role, knowledge of different AWS services like EC2, S3, Lambda, and CloudFormation are required to ensure smooth software delivery.

The main responsibility of the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer is to manage the gap between operating and development teams by means of enabling collaboration and communication. Through automating some manual tasks, optimizing processes, and fostering continuous improvement, these professionals help the organizations to shorten deployment cycles without compromising the quality. However, along with the technical proficiency requirement an AWS Certified DevOps Engineer should also possess great problem-solving skills, the ability to adapt to change, and a strategic mindset to cloud engineering. Our AWS DevOps course will cover all the advanced concepts in this domain and prepares you for the high salaried AWS DevOps jobs. If you are interested in becoming AWS certified devops engineer professional then joining this course in demand for DevOps and AWS would be the right choice. This course will help you master the skills needed to clear the certified devops engineer professional exam.

Topics Covered in AWS DevOps Course Curriculum:

The AWS DevOps course program engages students in different lessons that are useful for succeeding in the field of cloud computing and software development. Another aspect dealt with is CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment), which provides automation of the process of building, testing and deploying of code changes. Students master how to deploy pipelines with tools such as AWS CodePipeline to structure the development process and enhance the productivity.

In this advanced AWS DevOps Training In Hyderabad students will get to learn concepts like

  • Introduction to AWS infrastructure and Understanding of DevOps
  • Setting Up AWS Account and IAM (Identity and Access Management)
  • AWS Services Overview (EC2, S3, RDS, Lambda, etc.)
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with AWS CloudFormation
  • Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) Pipelines
  • Configuration Management with AWS OpsWorks and Chef/Puppet
  • DevOps Tools like Containerization with Docker and AWS ECS (Elastic Container Service)
  • Monitoring and Logging with AWS CloudWatch and AWS CloudTrail
  • Security Best Practices in using AWS DevOps
  • Hands-on Projects and Real-world Case Studies

Become a Certified AWS DevOps Professional with our AWS DevOps Certification in Hyderabad Program

Joining the Kelly Technologies advanced AWS DevOps Certification Training in Hyderabad course will help you experience a sky-rocketing career growth. Advanced trainers, practical projects, and deep studies will be implemented for students and they will learn all subject and project in-depth that will help them to excel in the field of DevOps on AWS platform. Our program equips people with the necessary set of skills to automate the process of software development, to bring the work of teams together, and to improve the efficiency of the entirety of the operations. Don't miss out on the opportunity to boost your career to the next level and join the world of cloud computing. Just sign up for our AWS DevOps Course and be confident that you're going to thrive. Those who have completed the training and become skilled DevOps professionals will become AWS DevOps certified experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DevOps and how does it relate to AWS?

DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) to shorten the software development lifecycle. AWS provides a suite of cloud computing services that enable organizations to implement DevOps practices efficiently.

What are the prerequisites to learn DevOps or AWS DevOps Training Course in Hyderabad?

Basic understanding of software development, familiarity with Linux/Unix systems, and knowledge of cloud computing concepts are recommended prerequisites for the AWS DevOps Course in Hyderabad.

Which AWS services are covered in the AWS DevOps Course Training in Hyderabad?

The course covers a wide range of AWS services including EC2, S3, RDS, Lambda, CloudFormation, OpsWorks, ECS, CloudWatch, and more.

Is hands-on experience provided in the AWS DevOps Certification Course?

Yes, the course includes hands-on labs and projects to reinforce theoretical concepts and provide practical experience with AWS DevOps tools and services. This course helps you experience a successful AWS DevOps career.

In the course materieaWhat DevOps tools are used for Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD)?

Tools like Jenkins, AWS CodePipeline, and AWS CodeDeploy are covered for implementing CI/CD pipelines.

Can I expect real-world scenarios and case studies in your AWS DevOps training institutes in hyderabad?

Yes, the course includes real-world case studies and scenarios to demonstrate how AWS DevOps practices are applied in different industries.

Is this AWS DevOps Course in Hyderabad program classroom or online training?

We are one of the best institute offering both classroom and online training and are also offering placements to the students.

Will I receive a certificate upon completion of the AWS DevOps certification course in Hyderabad?

Yes, participants who successfully complete and master AWS DevOps course and the project and meet the requirements will receive a certificate of completion.

How can I enroll in the AWS DevOps Certification and Training course?

You can enroll in the course by visiting our website and filling up the course enrolment form.