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Top Reasons For The Rise In Demand For AWS Across The Global Cloud Industry

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Overcoming the stiff competition given by the other cloud computing service providers like Google, Microsoft & Rackspace AWS has now emerged out becoming the most dominant force ruling the global cloud computing industry. Over the past few years, AWS has recorded a tremendous growth with global cloud computing market share of whooping 45.9%. Also, AWS has topped the charts becoming the dominant force ruling the IaaS (Infra Structure As A Service) market share.


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Reasons For The Rise In Demand For AWS Cloud Computing Services

Here below are the list of reasons that led to the rise in global demand for the cloud services by AWS

  • Zero Capital Expenditure: Most of the people get a misconception that AWS is only for the rich, big & large scale organizations. But in quite contrast to their thinking AWS services will be the best fit for start-ups and as well as for the organizations with low scale infrastructure. Availing AWS services requires Zero Capital Expenditure making it ideal for every business.
  • No Commitments: AWS offers its cloud services with no prior commitments. AWS server chargers all its services on hourly basics which means as soon as you terminate the services you will not be charged from the next hour.
  • Optimized Pricing: Over the course of the past few years, AWS has reduced the pricing on most of its services almost by 30 times less in comparison to what other service providers’ offer. This simply cuts the effort required to be spent on negotiating.
  • Procurement: It’s a well-known fact that procurement of a new server or any service might generally take a lot of time which will be a pain in the head. This is where AWS is ahead of other service providers. AWS simply enables you to spin-up new services and services within a few minutes of time.
  • Pay Per Use: This is one among the best features of AWS that have gained a wide range of prominence. Pay Per Use in the sense relates to the concept that the client will only
  • Security: AWS services come with the feature of a high degree of security. It constantly upgrades its security features and ensures the safety of the data of its customers.
  • At present, there is a shortage of skilled & certified professionals in the Indian cloud industry. In response, most of the companies are coming forward offering exclusive packages for the best skilled cloud experts.
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