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Skills That Are Needed To Become A Data Scientist As A Fresher-Explained

Most Widely Used Tools In Hadoop Ecosystem For Crunching Big Data

In order to become a successful Data Scientist it requires the person to possess diverse set of multidisciplinary skills. You might be well aware of the fact the domain of Data Science is quite interdisciplinary that draws on aspects of science, math, computer science, business and communication. The numerous skill sets possessed by Data Scientists helps them in crunching the numbers and effectively influencing decisions.

Apart from all the technical skills, a wannabe Data Scientist should have excellent communication skills & impeccable team handling skills as the job role of a Data Scientist requires to work as part of a larger team, providing data-driven suggestions in a compelling form.

Here below are the key skills that will help you get hired as a Data Scientist across the top MNC companies.

  • Knowledge Of Statistics
  • Command Over Programming Languages
  • Data Driven Problem Solving
  • Data Exploratory & Data Visualization Skills
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
Essential Skills To Become A Data Scientist: Knowledge Of Statistics

Data Science functionality involves concepts related to collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation, and organization of data. These concepts can be better handled only if the person t[has excellent command over statistics.

Most of the data analytics applications require extensive use of knowledge in descriptive statistics and probability theory, logical reasoning & further such related concepts. Having knowledge of these concepts will help in rapid decision making.

Command Over Programming Languages, R or Python

Having excellent command over programming languages is a must to become a successful Data Scientist. Knowledge of programming will help you in manipulating the data as per the requirement & also it helps also acts as the gateway for exploring advanced analytics algorithms & as well as Machine Learning algorithms. Python & R are among the most extensively used programming languages in Data Science.

Data Driven Problem Solving

Knowing how to productively approach to a problem is a must to have skill for Data Scientists. Adopting a structured way of approach to data-driven problem solving helps the Data Scientists in tacking & managing progress and outcomes. Managing decisions & commanding skills for problem solving are among the most essential skills for Data Scientists.

Data Exploratory & Data Visualization Skills

Data Exploratory & Visualization skills are among the most commonly used skills as a part of the Data Science daily routine. Data Exploratory skill is needed for manipulating the data where as visualizations skills play a key role in presenting extracted information from the data in an easily understandable visual format. Having knowledge of Tableau in this context would be of great help.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the advanced concept in analytics industry & if you want to take your Data Science career profession to new heights then you must surely possess knowledge of Machine Learning & its advanced Supervised & Unsupervised algorithms.

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