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Most Trusted AWS Security Tools Of 2019 You Need To Be Aware Of

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During the early years of AWS cloud industry there had been a lot of issues related to cloud security. As AWS has come across a long way many security issues have been successfully dealt, however there are still many risks associated with it.

In order to ensure customers trust over its services, AWS has taken several measures. Here below is the list of most extensively used AWS security tools that help to implement the aforementioned AWS security best practices.

Most Trusted AWS Security Tools Of 2019 CloudTrail

With the help of CloudTrail tool it becomes possible to monitor your systems by recording the API requests used to manage SDK deployments, management consoles, accounts, services, and command lines. This lets you to troubleshoot incidents & also simplifies the process of compliance auditing.


AWS WAF (Web Application Firewall) is a powerful AWS security tool that allows its users to create custom rules to keep your agile developments secure from common attacks such as SQL injections and XSS.

Amazon Inspector

Amazon Inspector helps in carrying out security evaluations for your applications and looks for any vulnerabilities or security breach.

Amazon Cognito

Amazon Cognito is mainly used for the application of identity management. If there’s any brute force authentication or in case of any fraudulent login attempts it gets easily detected by this tool. Another spectacular feature of this tool is that it is capable to work with third party services like Microsoft Active Directory, Google and Facebook, allowing you to specify additional validation methods.


It helps in the generation of encryption keys using managed hardware security modules, or HSMs, stored on your AWS deployments.


CloudFront is Amazon’s content delivery network. It purpose is to protect applications from DDoS attacks. It makes it possible to transfer data at relatively high speed securely.

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