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Most Extensively Used AWS Services Across IT & Corporate Domains

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The constantly evolving cloud technology has brought in a lot of revolutionary changes across various sectors. The evolution of cloud has greatly increased the number of tasks which an enterprise can perform in the cloud on a daily basis. A perfect cloud solution will help in successfully accomplishing tasks like daily computing and storage to industry-specific solutions.

Over the years, a number of platforms have been developed in the cloud domain. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud have started with their own public cloud computing platforms to deliver a wide variety of cloud computing services.

Overwhelming Demand For AWS Cloud Services

AWS cloud computing platform developed by the Amazon ecommerce company has gathered a lot of attention across the IT, Corporate & Business Sectors. AWS cloud services are highly scalable, secured & are easy to integrate. Here below is the list of most extensively used AWS cloud computing services across IT & Corporate domains.

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Elastic Compute Cloud otherwise popularly known as ‘EC2’ is one among the earliest cloud computing services by AWS. EC2 provides cloud-based computing power for users. The compute resources by AWS can either be scaled up or down based on the enterprise requirements. AWS EC2 offers well flexible cloud services that let you configure memory, CPU, instance storage, and boot partition size in accordance with the enterprise’s demands.

Amazon S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service otherwise known as S3 is also one among the earliest services. The function of S3 is to help the user store his data in the cloud & is also highly scalable. One of its specific features is that it presents various access levels for your data protection.

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud otherwise known as VPC can be interpreted as the isolated element of AWS cloud that lets users to create a virtual network whose configurations can be totally customized. IP address range, subnet distribution, routing tables, and network gateways can easily be customized in the virtual cloud.

Amazon CloudWatch

Security is the major reason for concern for most of the cloud computing services. Amazon CloudWatch functionality is to keep monitoring the applications and resources which you use in the cloud. It collects data about your AWS deployment from logs, metrics, and events. It helps the users to get a clear view of the overall performance of their cloud deployment by simply keeping a close watch on AWS services, applications & resources.

AWS Auto Scaling

This is the one among the most popular cloud computing service features by AWS. It helps the enterprise to scale up & down the resources as per their requirements. It helps in determining the optimal amount of resources your organization needs by constantly monitoring the services.

Apart from these services other most efficient resources for an enterprise using AWS cloud services are AWS Cost Explorer that helps in tracking the cost & resources usage & the other being Amazon S3 Glacier which is for cold data storage & archiving.

Owing to the increase in the number of companies that are deploying AWS cloud services in their workforce the demand for the skilled experts in this domain has gone sky rocketing.

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