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Continuous Compliance & How It Can Be Build In DevOps

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The term ‘continuous’ has a great meaning in DevOps. DevOps major goal is to see that all the processes in an organization become continuous. Continuous process helps in running the organization workforce smoothly & constantly by avoiding delays or pauses within the software delivery process.

Well, every DevOps career enthusiast must be well aware of the importance of continuous integration and continuous software delivery. However this doesn’t mean that the prominence of continuous gets ended up just here. It extends to every component of the software delivery process, including compliance.

What Exactly Is Continuous Compliance?

Continuous compliance is mostly about developing a culture and strategy within in an organization or enterprise. It works towards continuously reviewing whether or not the organization is their industry and regulatory demands whilst maintaining secure systems.

From an IT perspective, continuous compliance practices involves monitoring the following aspects

  • System logs
  • Software configurations
  • Licensing compliance
  • Applications
  • User access and identity management
  • Cloud platforms and services review
  • Alerts for changes or unusual activity in your environment
  • Adherence to best practice security procedures
  • Creating non-compliance reports detailing where there are security gaps to focus on
Achieving Continuous Compliance:

Organizations that are working on DevOps strategies aims towards becoming more secured & move fast at the same time. To fulfill these objectives Continuous compliance will be playing an active role in the DevOps system.

Achieving Compliance From Day One

To achieve Continuous Compliance it requires that DevOps teams start their design and development with compliance in mind right from the day of process beginning.

Continuous Testing

Testing is also very much essential for compliance. With the advent of DevOps the process of testing has undergone numerous changes & the best part is that all these changes support continuous compliance.

Automated Compliance

Enterprise compliance verification and enforcement process should be as automated as possible.

Apart from these aspects having the right data hierarchy track access control, track change history also help in building continuous compliance in DevOps

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