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AWS Now Launches a New Tool That Lets Users to Optimize Their EC2 Resources

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If you are an AWS EC2 user then AWS has got good news in store for you. AWS has now come up with a potential handy update for all its uses called ‘EC2 Resource Optimization Recommendations’. Just as the name suggests, this new update will help the organizations in saving a lot of money on their EC2 services.

How Does This Tool Work?

This resource optimization tool helps the organizations by giving presenting them with personalized recommendations in identifying the idle & underutilized instances. To deliver the users with accurate recommendations this tool will be taking a clear look at your usage history, Cloud Watch metrics and your existing reservations.

Upon finding the idle it finds an idle instance, that is, one that has lower than 1% maximum CPU utilization, and then you will be getting a recommendation from this tool to shut down this instance. Also, in the case of underutilized instances, users will be presented with three different sizes where they can move to that’ll likely fit your usage patterns better than your current plan.

Currently this feature is available only for those users who are using standard EC2 instances. Users with GPU based instances have to wait a bit longer to get this tool.

You can find this tool within the AWS Cost Management suite along with the rest of AWS tools that will be keeping an eye on the user’s budget & how effectively they are spending it.

With these sorts of constant updates by AWS, it has now become more users friendly. There is a constant rise in the demand for the skilled AWS cloud experts across various platforms.

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