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Are You Aware Of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Intelligence & Intelligent Automation?

Most of the business organizations these days are exploring innovative ways for new revenue sources by harnessing AI and Intelligent Automation. In this stiff competitive world, the ability to sustain & development for an organization are largely dependent on the extent in the use of advanced technologies like Data Science or AI by an organization.

For most of the business organizations the term AI automatically relates to Artificial Intelligence but however, there are two other scenarios of AI which everyone needs to be aware of.

AI- 1. Artificial Intelligence   2. Augmented Intelligence    3. Intelligence Automation

With a cumulative working approach in these three areas is expected to benefit the organizations by giving rise to unforeseeable opportunities that could distinct them from their competitors & helps them to stay ahead in the race.

Let’s have a clear understanding of these three AI scenarios

Artificial Intelligence-

This is the most commonly thought of name when thinking about AI. Artificial Intelligence can be defined as the process that emphasizes on devising smart machines of computer systems that possess the ability to analyze & perform tasks just like humans. There are several applications of Artificial Intelligence like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, TensorFlow, Neural Networking and many more.

Augmented Intelligence-

Augmented Intelligence otherwise referred to as Cognitive Augmentation can be interpreted as the true for of Artificial Intelligence that companies are running to acquire for innovation, adoption, and promotion at a global scale. When it comes to distinguishing these two forms of AI we should understand the cognitive learning and application of any machine, with respect to Human Intelligence.

The best example of Augmented Intelligence can be seen the game of chess where computer can be seen pre-empting the moves of the human player.

Intelligent Automation-

Intelligent Automation (IA) is the integration of Augmented Intelligence & Automation. Intelligent Automation can be applied to the machines that perform the tasks using robotic sensing and AI & ML algorithms. IA is now extensively used in the automobile industry where IA will not only be steering the smart cars on the road but will also  be applying brakes, control the ambient temperature inside, preventing from collisions & much more.

The concept of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented intelligence & Intelligent Automation is quite interesting isn’t it? Want to know moiré about these technologies? If so, be a part of Kelly Technologies AI Training In Hyderabad where can leverage complete breath of knowledge related to these technologies.

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